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This unbelievable pelagic paradise has been hidden from the world diving society for a long time. The beauty and secrets of this mysterious place became accessible  for the wide audience since the beginning of 2017 when first dive centre was started its operation on the island. Similar to other famous islands located along the equator (Galapagos, Cocoa), Fuvahmulah is the unique place and can be known as one of the best diving destination in the world. 

Diving in Fuvahmulah is ultimate.  Here, in Fuvahmulah, divers can see 7 types of rare sharks in one dive. Here divers can see dozens of Tiger sharks everyday. Here are the shallow cleaning stations of Thresher Sharks  when we enjoy to see them not early in the morning but during all the day cleaning under the sun shine. One of the biggest population of Oceanic Mantas  Mobula Rays visited Fuvahmulah reef for cleaning through out the year. Seasonally they arrive for matting, when divers can enjoy dozens of them exposing playful breeding behaviour. The gorgeous schools of Great and Scalloped Hammerheads, giant travellers Whale Sharks encountered in Fuvahmulah throughout the year. The only Dreams of all divers - Longimanus and Mola-Mola can be found in local waters! Seasonally we are lucky to encounter hump back and pilot whales. 

Fuvahmulah is only the place when all these rare pelagic are available to see all together, throughout the year, in natural environment and comfortable conditions. 

Oceanic Panda is official exclusive agent of diving centre Fuvahmulah Dive School. We plan and organise special packages for individuals and groups. As the logistic here on Zero degree is pretty complicated, to avoid any misconduct and conflict in interests in between many different parties: Domestic flights, Guesthouses, Restaurants, Diving Centre, Speed boats, Pick ups. 

We are having the guests from all the continents, and always calculate responding to the demands.

The rates fluctuate depending on many factors: domestic transfer you have (Round trip flight ticket Male - Fuvahmulah - Male or Speed boat Gan-Fuvahmulah-Gan), which kind of guesthouse and meal plan, the season, flight rates, food supplement, on the group size. 

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